nguntal tuma


Kala wingi rencang kula teng padamelan pitutur, panjenenganipun kala SD nate gerah liver. Selain pados pitulungan saking dokter, panjenenganipun inggih pados pengobatan tradisional. Panjenenganipun nguntal tuma.

Rencang kula ingkang sanes sanjang, "Sanes tuma sakawruhipun kula, kagem liver niku undur-undur."




Yesterday one of my colleagues said that she had problems with her liver when she was in elementary school. Besides going to doctor, she also searched for alternative methods, namely Indonesian traditional medicine. She was told to swallow fleece.

My other colleague said, "AFAIK it's not fleece, antlion larvae is the cure for liver diseases."

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